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We at NSPL are transforming IT Solution and that transformation will lead Us to bring revolution in IT with new Horizons for our clients.


Today every single industry and business is on an overdrive; competitive pressures and customer demands are forcing enterprises to re-invent themselves. To compete in such an environment and squeeze the customer-response time, enterprises are discovering the latent value in enterprise business solutions and e-enabling their internal systems.

However, there are many deterrents and pitfalls such as shrinking budgets, periodic upgrades of IT infrastructure and increasing market demands. In such a scenario, doing more with less is the formula for success among most enterprises.

NSPL Enterprise Solutions addresses fundamental business areas, and their process management challenges in order to improve operational efficiency, achieve business results and to have process streamlining.

NSPL leverages the “Power of Partnership” to offer it’s clients the best enterprise solutions & services, Backed with reputed & enterprise level experienced business & domain experts.

NSPL Enterprise Solutions provide holistic functionality for better enterprise productivity and response.

NSPL provides enterprises software solutions to following industries:

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software
ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be defined as a complete business software solution. The basic purpose and aim of ERP software is to arrange and assimilate all the systems of entering data and processes, as related to business. ERP software is one of the most crucial elements for any business firm which aims to harmonize its business efforts.

CRM Customer Relationship Management Software
Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a business strategy designed to improve profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction. CRM provides an integrated approach to identifying, acquiring, retaining and managing customers. For most organizations, CRM is usually implemented through a software package – such as a database linked to a web interface – designed to support these processes.

NSPL Financial solutions enables Manufacturing & Trading industries to be highly competitive and more responsive to changing customer needs while helping achieve higher ROI on IT investments.

Hotel Software
NSPL Hospitality solutions enables Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants, to be highly competitive and more responsive to changing customer needs while helping achieve higher ROI on IT investments.

Enterprise Application Services in India

India is handling red-hot growth in Enterprise Application Services with real business intelligence. India was everywhere, as Indian executives and government officials used the event to promote India’s position as the fastest-growing Enterprise Application Service provider in the world.

Beyond its borders, India is seen as an immense and exotic land. For many Enterprise Application consumers, it’s also the voice on the other end of the phone when they call technical support for their computers, telephones, or television sets.

For the last three or four years, India has definitely been more than just Enterprise Application outsourcing—there is great potential for local business in Enterprise Application Services.

India is a huge market—in fact the middle-income group of Indians is larger than the comparable population in the U.S.—it’s more than 100 million people and growing fast. There’s a lot of business opportunity and growth for Enterprise Application Services in India.

India has become a significant market for Enterprise Application Services over the years. The size of the economy, the size of the population base, and the recent trends of sustained economic growth mean that the consumption and need for Enterprise Application Services has increased immensely.

India is on serving the broad domestic markets that are already growing quite significantly, including government, financial services, telecommunications, and general industry in the field of Enterprise Application Services.

Doing business in India takes an understanding of where the opportunities are and how much India has transformed in the field of Enterprise Application Services in recent years.

Indian Enterprise Application services vendors are rapidly moving upscale. They’ve gone far beyond application maintenance and are doing sophisticated application development, including SOA [service-oriented architecture].

India’s Enterprise Application services are growing rapidly—much faster than the overall Indian economy, which is growing at about 8 percent a year. And considering that the country has 1.1 billion people that translate into a lot of additional rupees.

That growth translates into a robust economy and a strong need for IT infrastructure and enterprise applications. India has been one of the fastest growth markets in terms of license revenue growth for enterprise application services.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been the dominant type of enterprise application services purchased in India, followed by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and supply chain management. ERP applications are typically the priority of first-time buyers because they serve as a business applications foundation

Growth of Enterprise Application Services in India
Over the next five-year period, India is expected to register CAGR [compound annual growth rates] of 12 percent, in terms of new Enterprise Application services license revenues.

In terms of market segments, India is a growing market for Enterprise Application services with lots of potential and opportunities. It will attract Enterprise Application services businesses, including multinationals.

India is providing a new threshold for technology companies and their products, because the usage levels and the number of users on any application are quite unprecedented. The size of databases or enterprise application services in developed countries with larger economies are currently larger, but the size of databases and the number of enterprise application users in India are growing rapidly, and the number of users is often much higher than we are used to seeing in more-developed countries.

Over the past few years, India has certainly taken advantage of opportunities in Enterprise Application services

As India continue to grow in Enterprise Application services with billions of new investments, India is trying to see how IT can be used as an enabler and more of a force multiplier. Enterprise Application services will play an important and bigger role in India’s future.

Advantages of Enterprise Application Business in India

While the opportunities in India in Enterprise Application services are huge, it does take some knowledge of the Indian market to take advantage of them. To succeed in the Indian Enterprise Application services market and penetrate beyond the top 2 percent world-class enterprise application services market, you need to localize your product or technology in terms of pricing, packaging, and local partnerships.

Another important aspect is taking into account the maturity of the IT infrastructure utilized by the target customers. One of the big issues for Indian companies in Enterprise Application Services is that they’re at a much earlier stage of the Enterprise Application Service lifecycle, they haven’t deployed many capabilities before, and they may not have a lot of internal skills.

To address India’s price competitive market in the field of Enterprise Application Services, organizations need to create interesting business models. If you come to a country like India and are trying to get into the second-tier enterprises in the field of Enterprise Application Services, price is going to be a huge factor in the decision to deploy something.

In addition, India has a diverse and distributed population, which can make it difficult for companies pursuing the consumer markets once they move outside the major cities. To reach the full billion-person market you have to go to the villages, so for many companies it’s a fundamental change. Businesses in smaller cities and towns can have very different IT challenges. But that’s gradually changing.

For many companies, the advantages of doing Enterprise Application business in India are becoming even more apparent. The physical infrastructure is only getting better, the communications systems are as good as anywhere in the world, and you have an English-speaking culture that’s predominantly U.S.-educated in culture and technology.

From a governmental and compliance perspective, it’s rather seamless doing business in India, compared to other locations around the world.