Consultation serves as a sweeping advantage in project success rate. NSPL contributes a significant strategic value to your IT project through consultation. Our consultation services are completely confidential and respectful to your right to choose and provide an unbiased opinion.

IT Consultation Services

IT Consultation is considered as vital first step forsuccess of any IT project. Our experienced IT consultants provide in-depth analysis for better planning, organization and cost optimization of your IT project.

What Makes NSPL IT Consultancy Services Incomparable?

Free of cost professional and unbiased consultancy

Fully confidential with Non-disclosure agreement

Focused towards optimization of project cost


365 Degree IT Consultation Model

Requirements Consultation

Helping you understand your project requirements through detailed analysis.

Technology Consultation

Assisting you in selection of best and optimized technology and tools.

Hosting Consultation

Providing consultation on hosting services best suited for your project.

Cost & Time Consultation

Calculation of estimated cost and time required for completion of project.

Recruitment & Training Consultation

Advising you about required IT skills and training needs for team.

Marketing Consultation

Providing expertise consultation on how to market your project after launch.


Courteous Towards Your Decision

After consultation it is completely up to the client whether they want us to handle their project or not. We respect our client’s decision and offer unbiased consultancy.

"20% projects are deemed failure every year and another 30% are written as underperformers due to lack of professional consultation"

Why is Consultancy Important?

IT provides an outsider view to a business and helps you understand the business idea through viewer’s perspective. At NSPL we provide functional knowledge for project management, scope, feasibility, technologies used, and cost & time estimation for project completion.

Scope & Strategy Consultation

During the project meeting NSPL makes sure to inform its clients about the potential scope of their project. We offer advisory and consultancy services regarding the scope of your project and the most suitable relevant strategy that will ensure timely completion with cost cutting.


At NSPL you will be provided with professional insight on your project ideas and ambitions. Our experts will help you understand how feasible your project will be in real market and what can be done to improve it. NSPL infuses you with useful business hindsight and influence to make the right call.

Technology Consultation

During Project Management it becomes of utmost importance to understand what the project specifications and goal is and what kind of technology will achieve it. NSPL offers consultation on various IT tools that can help clients receive the most viable outcome and best output from their projects.

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