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The DQ List of Top 20 IT companies

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In the Dataquest listing of the Top 20 IT companies from India, the top seven positions remained unchanged, with TCS, Wipro, Infosys, HP India, IBM India, Ingram Micro and Satyam Computer Services retaining their positions, from No 1 through 7. (HP India and Ingram Micro derive a major part of their revenues from the sale of computer systems and peripherals, while the others make money from exports of software services; IBM India has significant services–domestic and exports–revenue, as well as systems sales.) Unlike the previous year, there was no major change in the rankings in the top 14 positions with no company moving up or down by more than two places.

The DQ Top 20 Club — the ranking of top IT companies in India by revenue — also saw changes, with three new companies — two of them doing business primarily in Indian domestic market — entering the list, while three exports-led firms made their exit. Interestingly, all the three new entrants are non-Indian firms — Accenture, SAP and Dell — which replaced three Indian firms, Teledata, Patni and Moser Baer, that ranks amongst the Top 10 CD makers in the world.

The most spectacular story is the entry of Accenture India at No 15 (the company was not tracked by the Dataquest study in previous years, even though it was operating in India its development centre for nearly a decade) and SAP India, which rose six positions to be a No 18, driven by a strong performance in the small and medium enterprise (SME) market, that helped it record 84% growth.

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