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NSPL SMS Software Features

  1. Send SMS directly from PC without use of Mobile Phone.
  2. Capacity to send thousands of SMS within seconds.
  3. Create Contact Groups. Send SMS to all contacts in a group with a single click.
  4. Unlimited Contacts can be stored with Names, Phone Numbers, Cities and Email ids.
  5. Facility of viewing sent messages via Message Log with option of sorting messages by Group, Name, city and date


  6. Customized Mask like “TM-NSPL” instead of 10 digits mobile number from where messages would be sent.
  7. To prevent misuse, only Administrator can send SMS.
  8. Software is very simple to operate as no technical skills are required.
  9. Most economical method to be in touch with others. Send bulk SMS with just spending a small amount.
  10. Import your Contact List from Excel to Software.

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