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This is how it began…


Hi, I’m Sukhmani Kaur from Amritsar, Punjab.  I pursued my under graduation in Commerce from CKD Institute of management and technology. I’m very honest and wishing person and can easily mingle with everyone. My hobbies include listening music, cooking, reading etc. Me in a nutshell: Sharing my knowledge and experiences with others is the one of the best activity that I love to do.

Just like every commerce student, I also had grand dreams of having a good career in life. However, it didn’t take very long for reality to hit me; Becoming a lawyer was not in my destiny. I have attempted twice but wasn’t able to acquire a seat in the university. It became extremely for me.

After that, I got married with an ambitious man who always motivates me to make something different or dress a great profession. Being far away from him in a long distance relationship, he still boosted me to pursue my career.  My Husband works in­­ Department of Justice in California, USA as Quality analyst.

When he told me that he too wanted to become a Doctor but he didn’t qualify the entrance exam to get the seat in the college. After that he decided to change his stream to health care information systems in this field, he realized that he is highly qualified and skilled as a Quality analyst. Presently I have a flourishing profession because of my choice to acquire experience in Testing.

However, we realized that I have lost 3 years of my career. Then my husband suggested me to take a part in IT field. I asked him, How this can be possible? I have no experience in IT. He said that he had faith in me… “YOU CAN DO IT”.

Although I don’t have an interest in institutional training. But still encouraging personally for preparing something extraordinary. I honestly don’t know how I can build a great profession in this field? What is the scope of this career in today’s time period? What is the components of IT field? Is IT only related to a desk job?

Alright everyone I’ll be leaving for the day its time to play with my dog see you in my next blog post.

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