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IT Companies in India showering jobs overseas

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With a dollop of IT companies in India being the best recruiters offering jobs to thousands of professionals are now more interested in offering overseas job opportunities. The main motive behind this is the shortage of skills and in turn better productivity.

The Indian companies have been either operating globally to offer the vast array of employment services or are hiring foreign nationals to make up for the loss of talent in order to perform better. Supplemental hiring has become a common phenomenon for the Indian IT industry these days.

There are two reasons, one of which states the need for having the best brains which would most likely contribute towards the maximum productivity, and another which is attributed to a customer who gets drawn towards organizations with employees of their culture, religion, tastes and preferences etc.

One important example of Indian IT industry which has offered huge jobs to foreign nationals is Infosys.

Another reason because of which Indian IT companies hire experts from abroad is the emphasis on training and development of the employees belonging to the origin. When a knowledge expert is hired, he brings a lot of talent which gets imbibed in other employees. It can also be the other way round where the Indian IT company has established itself in a foreign land, learnt the technology and brought back this technology to reap profits back home and also to train the Indian employees.

Another important observation which could be made in the last few years is the Indian IT companies having their base abroad employed foreign nationals and they did so because it was difficult for the Indian employees to get green card and so stay for long.

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