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NSPL offers exclusive learning opportunity in its internship programs to those who are determined and willing to learn. Our internship program is specifically designed to provide exposure to work in a professional corporate environment that enhance their cognitive ability.


NSPL Internship is an extensive learning possibility, to get an in-depth knowledge in your line of career. While working in NSPL we will concentrate on practical working and augmenting of your skills.

How Internships Impact Employability

In 2019, Job offer rate to personnel with internships was 72.6% while percentage without internship was 11.3%

The stats are a clear testimony that not only the companies prefer workforce with internship experience but they are more likely to retain their job as compared to those without an internship experience.

What makes NSPL a most preferred place for internship?

Free of Charge Industry Oriented Professional Training Programs

Preparation and Management of Online Profile for Employment

Opportunity to work with experienced IT Professionals

Alignment of Internship programs along with your career goal

Exclusive Chance to Participate in client project meetings

Globally recognized Internship Certificate and personal references

Apply for Internship at NSPL

"The distinction between "assistant" and "intern" is a simple one: assistants are paid, interns are not. But of course interns are paid, in experience. "


An Internship is a strategic way to attain professional learning experience and apt knowledge of practical work in your respective line of field. Internships are designed for the students to develop their professional working skills, character, communication and providing a greater door to opportunity. Internship can be considered as an unpaid-training that will provide you the broadest spectrum of opportunity while seeking out for a job.

Opportunity to Grow More

Internship offers opportunity for the students to learn more and grow in their respective fields. By working on actual IT projects and dealing with clients, interns get a good grasp on how things operate in business and how the management is carried out.

Professional Endorsements

While internship not just you help the company but the company helps you too. The companies you have interned for can give professional feedback on your performance. Gaining feedback from a professional who has been working in your line of work on daily basis accounts for more than any theoretical knowledge.


During Internship you build your professional network to a wider scope. Dealing with different clients from different sectors gives you an opportunity to learn and broaden your professional links. This increases your chances for a job as compared to those who don’t have internship program.

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