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  1. Hotel Front Desk Software is a robust solution for Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Lodges and Inns.
  2. Support Multiple Room categories like Standard, Deluxe, Luxury Suit, Executive Suit, Family suit etc with the

    option of single and double rent separately.

  3. Multiple Packages like Business packages, Family packages, Honeymoon packages etc can be defined with special


  4. Multiple points of sales terminals like Restaurant, Bar, Laundry, Travel Desks can be defined.
  5. Support Different Payment Modes like Cash, Cheque, Credit card and Debit card.
  6. Support Credit Accounts Management for companies with option of setting different discount for each company.
  7. Graphical layout display of Rooms to display Vacant, Occupied and Blocked Rooms with different colors with option

    to display guest name below of every room.

  8. Common Operations like Check in, Point of Sales Billing, Viewing Room Ledger, Checking Room Status and Check out

    can be accessed with just one click on any room.

  9. Support Group Check in & Group checkout. Multiple rooms can be incorporated in same GR.
  10. Automatically add rent transactions for all the occupied rooms for next day.
  11. Advance Booking option with graphical displayed availability chart for any date.
  12. Block Room facility to block rooms not ready for registration due to maintenance or any other reason.
  13. Shift Room facility that transfer all transactions of guest from previous room to new room account.
  14. Guest ledger updated and one can easily see the current balance of the room.
  15. Guest messages option to store guest messages when guest are not in room.
  16. Expense Management with Account Receivable, Account Payable and daily cash in hand summery.
  17. Travel Agents Module to record Travel Agent Contact Details and to calculate total business given by travel agent

    to calculate commission of travel agents.

  18. Receipt Printout Option to print Payment receipt of guest
  19. Software is really easy to use. Easy to administrate interface.
  20. Training audio/video CD will be provided to the staff of the hotel so that they can learn the software


  21. Comprehensive User Management to control/restrict User functions. We can add multiple users in this software.

    With the option of users we can add various ones according to the posts of front office executives.

  22. Extensive reporting can be done using Night Audit reports.
  23. There are various rights given to the users according to their job profiles they are working. These rights

    include addition, modification, deletion and viewing the other details of the hotel‘s working. We can stop some rights if we

    don’t want particular executive to view them. After the creation of users, the users can automatically log in the software

    and can start working according to their roles and responsibilities.

  24. Activity Log to view all activities user wise. with the option of clear log only manager can clear all the

    activities which are already done.

  25. Software is network ready i.e. can work on different computer attached to one single server.
  26. 24*7 online support will be provided by NSPL itself.