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About NSPL Amritsar

NSPL is a global IT company with next-generation IT and consulting services and has been at the forefront of IT innovation and automation. With its 15+ years of multiple domain expertise, diversified IT solutions and digital delivery model, it serve clients over 12 countries.


NSPL was established in 2001 in Amritsar with a goal to provide highly competent, secure and affordable IT solutions to the clients globally. Since the beginning NSPL has made a point to provide the most reliable service to the clients domestically and internationally. Our business solutions are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the clients, technological updates and dynamic business environment.

"Number 1 or 2 position in business means nothing if your client isn’t satisfied from your services."

Anuj Khanna


We live by the words, "Innovate or Die."


Under the visionary leadership of Anuj Khanna, NSPL has been strategically working to build the unmatched legacy that could be hard to beat and creating an inspiring vision of the future.

Hard work, attitude, and dedication towards providing better services to clients, these are not just words for the members of the NSPL family but their job descriptions.

Anuj Khanna (CEO NSPL)
Anuj Khanna

Work Environment

NSPL operates in a healthy and safe work environment for all genders and ages. We promote multiculturalism and an egalitarian society in which people from all cultures and religions have equal rights. Our work environment is designed to nurture the new comers and develop business, communication and professional skills in them. Our work environment is cooperative, disciplined and encouraging to suggestions and ideas of all employees.


Global Brand

Trusted by clients since 2001









At NSPL your work is handled by experienced professionals and a dedicated project manager who will help in efficient organization and resource optimization of your project. We provide diversified IT products and services and a dependable customer support service. Our advanced end-to-end solutions provide quality services that leverage technology. We use latest technologies and next gen business models to ensure the success of our client’s project and cost efficiency.

"At NSPL, we are always there for you even on festivals, weekends and lockdown providing committed support 24 hours * 365 days. You can rely on our service to be always there in need."

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